Leadership Team

  • President

    Chris Ferguson

    Engine 17 B-Shift
    Phone: (303) 503-7497

  • Secretary-Treasurer

    Greg Pixley

    Chief 7 A-Shift
    Phone: (303) 503-2345

    As a military, federal and Denver firefighter for over 37 years and a proud IAFF member for over 30 of those years, numerous experiences have helped provide me the opportunity to assist my sisters and brothers in many areas. Serving as DFD wellness coordinator, water rescue captain, fire academy instructor, peer support director, recruiter, press information officer, and as secretary-treasurer for Local 858 has complimented my career with experiences related to the unique challenges faced by firefighters. Please feel free to reach out to me if there is ever a need.

  • District 2 VP

    Ed Wharton

    Truck 26 B-Shift
    Phone: (720) 224-1647

  • District 3 VP

    Andy Mast

    Rescue 2 B-Shift
    Phone: (303) 349-7876

    I've been on DFD for 15 years. Currently I'm an engineer on Rescue 2. In my time away from the job my wife Tracey and I enjoy traveling and exploring new places.

  • District 4 VP

    Brian Young

    Engine 15 C-Shift
    Phone: (303) 807-3624

    I’m a Colorado native and 2nd generation firefighter. I’ve had the privilege of being a Denver firefighter and member of Local 858 since 2010. I’ve held positions of increasing responsibility within our local and have been dedicated to increasing the benefits our members enjoy throughout my tenure. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any issues that may arise.

    United we stand, divided we fall!

  • District 5 VP

    Jon Helwick

    Lieutenant Engine 26 C-Shift
    Phone: (303) 912-7531

    I have worked for 19 years on the Denver Fire Department, and I am a Lieutenant at Station 26. Carly Helwick, my wife is an Assistant Chief on the Department, and we have 3 kids Ian, Cael, and Marin.

  • District 6 VP

    Donnie Nuanes

    Engine 17 B-Shift
    Phone: (303) 907-1851

  • District 7 VP

    Rich Gorman

    Engine 25 A Shift
    Phone: (303) 919-7076

    Hello brothers and sisters. I have been on the job for 21 years, working on Squirt 17 for just over 3 years and 17 years on Engine 23. I have been a member of the local since 2000 and have held the position of Steward or VP since 2001. I was District 5 for 6 years and now starting my 3rd year as District 7 VP.  I have also been part of Collective Bargaining for 3 contracts and currently on the committee. I have been married to Summer for 25 years with 3 kids Madi, Zane and Paris.  My phone is always on feel free to contact me with any issues.

  • DEN VP

    Greg Adams

    Technician Engine 35 C-Shift
    Phone: (303) 931-9934

    Hi my name is Greg Adams I have been a Denver Firefighter for 20 years. Currently I am assigned to the C shift on Engine 35.  When I am not working, I enjoy playing golf and I run the Denver Fire Golf Club, also I play ice hockey on the Denver Fire Hockey Team.

  • Support VP

    Todd Revious

    Fire Prevention
    Phone: (303) 408-4290

  • Communications Director

    Devin Hallock

    Engine 16 B-Shift
    Phone: (720) 345-7678

  • Civil Service & HR Director

    Ashaun Drumgo

    Rov LT D6 B-Shift
    Phone: (720) 309-4786

  • Governmental Affairs Director

    Eric Tade

    Chief 5 B-Shift
    Phone: (303) 549-3946

  • Events Director

    Wendi Smith

    Engine 32 C-Shift
    Phone: (303) 204-0752

  • Health and Benefits Director

    Brian Champlin

    Rov LT D2 B-Shift
    Phone: (303) 884-6829

  • Member Relations Director

    Bill Moeder

    Warehouse Captain
    Phone; (720) 232-5955