Debbie Ortega

Debbie Ortega is officially endorsed by Local 858 and is committed to public safety and understands the hazards of blue collar work. It is in her blood. Ortega is the daughter of a Coal Miner who was killed on the job and her Daughter, Janelle, is a Major in the Denver Sheriff's Department. She also has three grandchildren who have served in the US Armed Forces.

Debbie Ortega has vowed to:

  • Invest in recruitment, retention, and training to stem the loss of personnel in public safety departments and increase neighborhood safety.
  • Declare homelessness a public emergency to mobilize additional resources from local, state, and federal agencies and organizations. This translates to better working conditions for Local 858.
  • Act immediately to stand up a Metro Drug Task Force focused on stopping the supply of lethal drugs harming our community and causing an uptick in call volume for public safety agencies.